M.C 45 years old. New Jersey

        • I am so happy with my double eyelid surgery result. Dr. Kang made me look so natural and drastic improve my look before. I look beautiful! As a nurse practitioner I was very careful on who would be doing surgery around my eyes, my nose and my face. I want to make sure that the functions of eyes, nose and face is not compromised and who better to do the surgery than a boarded-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who is also meticulously clean and his staffs are efficient, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Besides the double eyelid surgery, I also had two other things done at the suggestion of Dr. Kang. I had my lower eyelid fat removed and I also had filler injected to make my nose look higher. I am so pleased that what he suggested, because the overall effect of these 3 procedures came out really really stunning. I knew that Dr. Kang is an expert and highly skilled surgeon when he took many pictures of my face during the initial consultation. He took many shoots of my face from many different angles, studying to see how one part of my face is spatially related to the other parts. That is when I saw the artist in him, looking, analyzing, to come up with a plan that makes me look beautiful. Trust an expert when you see one, that is all that I have to say. Thanks Dr. Kang!


      E.F. New York

        • I work as an Interpreter, have to wear a badge/photo ID, face different kind of clients all the time. When I started to hear: “how young were you when you took that photo ID?”. From my client, I knew it is time to do something to make myself fresh and confident again. Dr. J .Kang is an amazing doctor, after his magic touch, I start to receive compliments of how fresh and young I look. When I went to him he explained things in detail and gladly answered any questions, also passionate about what


      Kim G. Tampa

        • Dr. Kang performed my double eyelid surgery. It has been two months and the results are fantastic. Dr. Kang and his staff were very professional and put me at ease right away. My complete experience from initial consultation to post-op appointments has been easy and pleasant. Thank you Dr. Kang and staff!


      L.Z.X. 40 years old. North Carolina

        • My wife and I traveled from North Carolina to NYC after I found Dr. Kang in the World Journal. Dr. Kang gave me a strong first impression; he looks reliable and easy-going, so I thought I should for a consultation. Even though my nose is already well-balanced, Dr. Kang suggested I can use a little improvement. From that point on, I can see Dr. Kang is professional and moral. I had successful surgery; my nose looks awesome—no scars, no bruises and natural. My wife was thinking about doing a chin implant but was hesitant. After she saw my results, she was determined to get it done by Dr. Kang. We love the changes to our faces and the whole process was a pleasant time for the both of us.


      D.Y. 35 years old. New York

        • I strongly recommend Dr. John Kang to be your plastics and reconstructive surgeon if you decide to have it done. I did my under eye bags in December 2016 and it is the best decision I ever made for myself. The results from my surgery are amazing. Dr. John Kang did a wonderful job. He is extremely patient with all his patients. He explains what he is going to do in details. Dr. John Kang answers all the questions that you have. In addition, he follow-up on me at all times after the surgery. Dr. John Kang is a great plastics doctor.


      J.H.O. 38 years old. New York

        • I first came to Dr. Kang’s office for a jaw line Botox and continually went back every 6 to 7 months to follow up with more injections. Over the years, I have built a reliable and trustworthy doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Kang. My low nose was always a problem for me and the desire to have the perfect nose lingered around in my head. It made me feel insecure, but I was intimidated by the thought of going under the knife. So I tried to inject fillers, however the results were short-term. My body absorbed the injection and before I knew it, I was back to my old nose. Dr. Kang noticed I was quite upset by the fillers and recommended the nose job. He said he will put cartilage to both sides of my nose to make it higher. He reassured me everything will be fine and I immediately went for it. I trust Dr. Kang can do the surgery well. After the surgery, my face looked more balance because of the new nose. It was a distinctive change but I love it. I’m thankful to have Dr. Kang work on my face and gave me newfound confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Kang to anyone who wants surgery done by a professional.


      N.F. 50 years old. New York

        • I came to Dr. Kang’s clinic because my friend recommended me. My first impression of the office is very comfortable and the staff is very beautiful. I especially like the hard-working doctor, Dr. Kang. I was very impressed because they are very timely. I’m around 50 years old and work the beauty field where my appearance matters a lot. I feel like I’m getting old so I want to change my face. Right now I have heavy eye bags and my face doesn’t look supple anymore. Dr. Kang looked at my face, told me to relax and say we will remove the eye bags then add fat. The procedure took 3 hours. There was no pain or other discomforts. After 3 days, my face went back to normal. After 7 days, the stitches were removed. Everyone I know was excited and said the surgery was the best and I look “young and beautiful”. They all gave me thumbs up. Dr. Kang has the world’s best results. I wish everyone who wants to get plastic surgery and to look younger to come over to this natural Korean clinic. Dr. Kang will give you a surprise—your face will look younger forever.


      Lee, Y.H., 58 years old, Midface Lifting Surgery

        • Dr. Kang is very delicated plasatic surgen who gave me a refreshed look. I am 58 years old and my face was looking like an old woman before but the Surgery I’ve got was truly magical. It turned me into a woman looking like in her 30’s. I think natural lift of putting my own fat all around my face is the best way to achive more youthful look. I could’t be happier with the result of the lifting surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kang who gave me confidence, he is amazing as a magician but combines real science and art to achieve his magic.


      S. Y., Ohio

        • I had acne scar skin with redness all over my face when I came to Dr Kang. After consultation with Dr Kang, I realized my skin can’t be treated just in one time to get the optimal result that i want. So even though I live few hundred miles away, I followed his advice to come for the treatment every few months. I think this is vital and important to let the skin heal optimally between each treatment. You just can’t get the best result with one time visit. During this period I did exactly what the doctor instructed me to do. Also, i followed the doctor’s advice to protect my skin from direct sunlight. Today, after my 4th Fraxel, i have a great improvement on my skin. It is healthier, brighter, and glowing from inside out. All my redness and scars are near completely gone and I am very satisfied with the treatment. I will continue to follow up with Dr. Kang for my skin. Thank you very much to Dr Kang and his lovely staffs who helped me thru the process. Although I do not live in the area and need to travel a few hours to get here, he is the only one who I really trust and will recommend him to all my friends and family.


      L.Z. 18 years old, New York

        • I am a student and almost 18. I had Upper and Lower eyelid surgery done by Dr Kang which was very successful. This surgery makes me not only look pretty, but also makes me look happy as well. Knowing that I look happy when I look myself in the mirror makes inside me happy as well. Everyone in the office is nice and always showed their cares for me. Everyone around me said that I made a right decision. Thank you Dr Kang. Hope you can help more people like me to make them happy and give them lots of smile.


      Y.S. 39 years old, California

        • “Decided to do a google search on top plastic surgeons in highly populated Korean areas and Dr.Kang’s name came up. Although I’m from California (Sacramento) I decided to give them a call. They asked for a couple selfies and within a day they told me right away what would be ideal for me. I decided to fly into NY and they arranged a surgery on a holiday because of my situation. It’s been 2 weeks since surgery and all I can say is “WOW” I look like a new person and all I get is compliments on how young I look. All my friends say I look at least 10 years younger and I’m really satisfied with the results. If your considering doing your eyelids this is the guy to go to. A++++++”


      G.K.  43 years old. Florida

        • “My experience with Dr. Kang has been outstanding.  His professional and friendly staffs make me feel extremely comfortable and took great care of me throughout the whole process of my double eye lid procedure.  I was nervous about the process and was nervous about how I would look after surgery but the results are exceptional.  I couldn’t’ be more pleased.  Dr. Kang’s knowledge and expertise were evident from the first time I met him and I was able to completely trust his judgment on what I needed to have done.  Even though I live in Florida, Dr. Kang will be the only doctor I will trust for any future procedures on my eyes and face!  Thank you so very much to Dr. Kang and his staff!! I feel fantastic!”


      C.G., 60 years old, New York, Engineer

        • “I am about 60 years old and my skins on the upper part of my eyes were sagging, which made me felt sleepy all the time.  Also, the fats below my eyes were creating two big eye bags.  One of my friends recommended Dr. Kang for me to do some plastic surgery around my eyes.  After talking to Dr. Kang, I found Dr. Kang is the most qualified doctor for fixing my problems mentioned.  Dr. Kang is a great communicator apart from his excellent surgical skills.  This is extremely helpful for everything I experienced before and after the surgery.  The result came out great and my wife is considering doing the similar surgery for her eyes after she saw the changes I have.  I highly recommend Dr. Kang!”


      A.C., 41 years old, New York, Restaurant Owner

        • “My eye bags have been bothering me for years. I was tired of people telling me I looked tired even though I was not. Many also thought I looked unhappy and stressed for no reason. When I heard about Dr. Kang and his expertise in eye bag surgery, I quickly scheduled a free consultation. Dr. Kang and his staffs were very professional. My eye bags were removed with no pain. The surgery and recovery period went smoothly. All friends commented how refreshed I looked. No one ever tells me I looked stressed or unhappy for no reason now. My only regret is that I should have done this surgery much sooner.”


      R.C. 22 years old, New York, Medical Assistant

        • “Dr. Kang is the best honest plastic surgeon you can ever meet. He is all about natural looks. When I told him I wanted big double eyelids, he recommended me not to get it so big because it wouldn’t match my face. I trusted him and got what he recommended. And oh man I love it. Most of my friends thought I would have a dramatic change but because it was natural, it just blended right in. A lot of my friends loved my eye and have asked me where I have gotten done, and of course I would recommend Dr. Kang. If you ever need someone’s honest opinion, he is the one you would want to go to.”


      M.K. 19 years old, New York, Student

        • “I have gotten upper eyelid and nose surgery 6 months ago. I am very satisfied with the outcome. It only took 1-2 weeks for all the swelling to go down and without any problems I’m able to move, scratch, wiggle, etc my nose. Dr. Kang and the staff members were very kind. Even during the surgery, Dr. Kang made me feel very comfortable and made me laugh. It wasn’t painful at all, instead of being worried and afraid, I had a great time laughing and talking to Dr. Kang during surgery.”


      M.P., 20 yrs old, Spain, Argentina, Student

        • “At 17 years old, I wasn’t comfortable with my image, especially my eyes and nose. Coming here all the way from Argentina and being treated by Dr. Kang was the best decision I could have ever made. They made me feel completely comfortable and they listened very well what I was aiming for, very natural eyelids. Now at age 20 years old, I’m here again to get the nose I have wanted. I’m sure I will get the best result. I know I can entirely rely on their hands and not worry at all.”


      Y.J., 20 years old, New York, Students

        • “My sister and I had rhinoplasty in June 2013. We went in for a consultation and we were fully explained to how the surgery was going to be performed and what the outcome would be like. Dr. Kang gently reminded us about natural flaws and how it can be surgically improved. We were assured that we were in good hands. On the day of surgery, we were worried that something would go wrong during and or after the surgery. Staff member and Dr. Kang came in and explained to us thoroughly about the procedures again and told us that at the time of surgery our nose will be treated like his nose. We then went in for surgery where Dr. Kang frequently asked questions and talked to us to make us calm and relaxed. We barely had any swelling, no bruising, and had no complications/pain at all after the surgery. Our nose looks very natural as time passes and we feel more confident. He tries to keep the overall “balance” to your face which we think is very important. We thank Dr. Kang for his kindness, honesty, and his skills and effort to satisfy our expectation and keep the overall balance at the same time.”


      H.J., 27 years old, New York, Students

        • “Originally, I wanted to get nose surgery to raise my nose bridge as high as possible. However Dr. Kang recommended the final shape of my nose to balance my face entirely. Not only has my nose changed but also helped my entire face look even more beautiful. After the surgery many people have told me I have gotten prettier, without realizing that I had gotten my nose done.  I am very thankful to Dr. Kang and staffs for always making me feel comfortable and secure during and after surgery.”


      W.S., 49 years old, New York, Interior Designer

        • “I have gotten mid-face lift, chin implant and laser liposuction of chin and neck for my drooping jaw. Dr. Kang has done a terrific procedure and glad to have met Dr. Kang. I look much younger. His staffs are also wonderful. The office staff and Dr. Kang made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Kang to others.”


      H.S., 20 years old, Connecticut, Student

        • “I went to many different consultations, but Dr. Kang’s office was the only one that made me feel comfortable and trust worthy for me. When I did my double eyelid and nose surgery he also did my scar removal.  After the surgery, it wasn’t the end, they made sure I came for follow ups and if I couldn’t come, they would call me and made sure everything was okay. The fact that they always cared for me was the best feeling.”


      J.Y., Mid 40s, New York, Spa Owner

        • “I’ve been coming to Dr. Kang for about 13 years. I’ve done surgeries and many more other things with him. He always recommended what was good for me and is always honest with me. When I do the things he recommended for me, at the end I’m always glad that I made the choice to do what he recommended. I always trusted him and still do. Dr. Kang and his office staff members always make me feel like I’m part of the family.”


      K.I., 47 years old, New York, Nurse

        • “I was impressed during my initial consultation with Dr. Kang because of his keen sense of understanding and genuinely listening to my wish list. He and his staff are professional, honest, and thorough, which made me confident in my decision to pursue my blepharoplasty and mid-facelift surgery. I am incredibly pleased with my natural looking results and recommend Dr. Kang and his staff for anyone interested in improvement.”


      C.L., 27 years old, New York City, Architect

        • “I had a nose surgery done before meeting Dr. Kang, but it came out too fake and too noticeable in a bad way. I went to see Dr. Kang for consultation to see if he can fix it. He explained everything to me very patiently and made me feel comfortable. I really like the result, and nobody can even notice that I had a surgery done now. During the surgery, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I also like the service after surgery. They will always call me for follow up and make sure I was okay. I would definitely recommend this doctor.”


      X.Z., 54 years old, New York, Restaurant Management

        • “I had a face lift surgery here. I am amazed by the result. My eyes don’t look as tired as before and my double chin line disappeared. I look much younger in a natural way. Dr. Kang is very honest and patient when it comes to explaining the procedure. I constantly go to the office for a follow up to make sure everything is okay, and when I come they always make me feel special. I am very happy that I chose the right place.”


      A.L, 26 years old, New York City, Fashion Designer

        • “My friend recommended this doctor to me, since Dr. Kang did her nose and it turned out really nice. I went to Dr. Kang for double eyelid consultation. I really appreciate his aesthetic vision. Like most other Asians, I did not have double eyelids. I got the surgery done by him and I love the result. I love how my eyes look so much bigger and natural. It turned out so natural that my coworkers couldn’t even tell I had a surgery done. The staffs there are also very nice and helpful. They always made sure I was okay.”


      W.G., 65 years old, New York City, Teacher

        • “I have been a patient of Dr. Kang for three years. The treatment of Botox and fillers that I receive are done professionally and in artistic manner. The in-office surgery facility is superb as well as highly skilled and friendly staffs. I am very satisfied with the care I’ve received from Dr. Kang.”


      N.S., 34 years old, Hartford, Connecticut, Doctor

        • “I am from Hartford, Connecticut and have been coming to Dr. Kang’s office since 2009. First, I came here because of my skin condition. I have oily, problematic, acne skin, which has large pores and that makes my skin look dull and rough. After years of facial and laser treatments with Dr. Kang, my skin improved so much. My pores are less visible and soft. I still have acne once in a while, but mostly when I skip my treatments. Dr. Kang also helped me with my deep smile lines on the side of my nose with minor surgical procedure which to made it look more full and younger. He always cares about my skin condition and tries to give the best treatment he can. That’s what makes me drive all the way to New York from Connecticut for the last 4 years.”


      C.L, 31 years old, Brooklyn, Hair Salon Manager

        • “I went to see Dr. Kang because I wanted to get rid of the puffiness/fat under my eyes. Upon going into the office for the first time, I was very impressed. The office is beautiful and the staff members are all very friendly and professional. I had a consultation with Dr. Kang and immediately I knew I wanted him to do the procedure for me. He was very patient and listened to my concerns and he took his time to talk to me about what he can do and he was realistic about what to expect.  He thoroughly explained the procedure to me. I felt comforted and confident in knowing that I made the right decision in choosing Dr. Kang as I left the office that day and I was right! The result is amazing! Everyone told me that they noticed a difference about me but they certainly couldn’t figure out what I had done! After the surgery, Dr. Kang and his staff members all really took good care of me.  They would call and if I had any questions, they never hesitated to see me to make sure I was doing well. My experience with Dr. Kang was superb and I would recommend anyone who is considering any cosmetic procedure to see him!”


      H.C., 20 years old, Long Island, Student 

        • “Although I am a kind person, I have been mistaken many times as a mean person because of my appearance. After getting to know me, many people have apologized for thinking badly of me at first, but I couldn’t blame them because my eyes always looked angry. My eyelids sagged, making the shape of my eyes angled and non-circular. My mother had double eyelid surgery done by Dr. Kang in 1997 during the beginning years of his career. For many years, my mother has been complimented for her natural beauty and people cannot tell she had the surgery done unless she tells them herself. This is the reason why my mother suggested that I get my eyes done as well. Dr. Kang was very caring and I felt that he took the time to personally talk to me during my consultation. Although I had no intention of doing anything else, Dr. Kang suggested that I fix my nose since my face is uneven and the bridge would balance my face. I trusted this man with my future, and he didn’t disappoint. Since I heal quickly, I was able to go out to work in public only two weeks after I received the operation. Everyone I encounter told me that my eyelids and nose look natural and that if a stranger saw me, they wouldn’t be able to tell that I had any work done. I am satisfied with the results and very happy that everyone thinks I look good as well. It took me two years to decide whether I truly wanted to get this surgery done because I wanted to “live the way I was born,” but Dr. Kang has helped my personality match my facial structure. I finally feel that when people see me, they think of me as the nice person that I am. It really does make a difference. People are automatically judged by their cover because that’s how our brains psychologically think. One of the things I thought in my head while deciding whether or not to get work done on my face was, ‘you only live once, let’s be happy when you look in the mirror.’ I am so thankful that I like my appearance now and if there is anyone else who is on the fence about deciding whether to do plastic surgery or not, my only advice is, ‘go see Dr. Kang, you won’t regret it.'”


      C.Y., 46 year old, New York, Finance

        • “I came here 2 years ago for lower eye surgery and results came out to be great. He explained thoroughly about the procedure during consultation and what I would need to be doing after. Till today I still come for other facial things. I hear from a lot of people that they come here and that he is a great doctor. I recommended Dr. Kang to my sister and other friends and they also love his work. I highly recommend Dr. Kang.”


      J.C., 27 years old,  New York, Nail Salon

        • “I’ve always wanted a nose job and I finally convince myself to get it done. I’m very glad that I came to Dr. Kang. He seems very straight-forward and helpful. The result came out very nice. I like how my nose came out so pretty and natural. I also got a filler injection on my chin which makes my entire face longer and more elegant. This may sound funny, but I honestly believe I become more popular, and what’s wrong with that?  I really appreciate what Dr. Kang had done and I am very happy.”


      C.K., 40 years old, New Jersey, Art Gallery Manager

        • “I had a lower eyelid surgery done by Dr. Kang this year (2013) and I am very satisfied with the result. After the surgery, a friend of mine from Greece sent me a picture of us back in 2007 and I could not believe I look as young as I was in 2007. I felt as if I was on a time machine. The result was just Amazing! I also decided to get a Botox around the jaw line and I cannot be any happier than now. My face shape has become much narrower. Everything I did was a jackpot procedure and I am very satisfied and happy!”


      M.S., 44 years old, New York, Banker

        • “During consultation with Dr. Kang, I gained reassurance and confidence. I have gotten filler 8 months ago and I am very satisfied with the results. He is very thorough and considered my circumstance with money (price). He also tells/shows pictures of the before and after results. Inside the office, the atmosphere is very peaceful and the staffs are friendly and kind. I have had surgery and injections in different offices in the past, but Dr. Kang’s Office gave me greater comfort compared to others. I would recommend this family-like office.”


      S.K., 57 years old, New York, Nail Salon Management

        • “I have been coming to this office for over 10 years for Botox. I never experienced any side effects and I was always satisfied with the results. I built trust with him and I decided to get lower eyelid surgery. I am planning to have facelift in the future as well. Dr. Kang’s hands are like magic. He has helped me maintain my youth till this day. The nurses and staff were also very considerate and friendly. I give him a 5 star and strongly recommend Dr. Kang.”


      E.C., 32 years old, New York, Management

        • “I had the Juvederm filler for nose process done and words cannot explain how happy I am with the results! I have been treated like an individual and Dr. Kang had listened and explained to me the process and other options I may want to explore going forward. Thank you so much Dr. Kang for such a positive experience.”


      C.L., 33 years old, Brooklyn, Student

        • I’m very thankful to Dr. John Kang who did a great and professional job on my double upper eyelids. I am very satisfied by the result. The clinic is clean and the staffs are polite and patient to always hear my worries. Thank you very much.


      L.T., 52 years old, Shanghai & New York, Restaurant Owner

        • Dr. Kang is a “high-end” professional doctor. I have gotten Botox, filler, and different kinds of laser including laser assisted liposuction. He has a vision for aesthetics. He can give you proper solutions to make you have better facial conditions. He is very experienced and has excellent skills.


      M.R., 53 years old, Australia, Travel Consultant/Swimming Coach

        • I have visited Dr. John Kang on every trip I make to America for the past 6 years, as I have yet to find someone as good with Botox in Australia. His staffs are friendly and helpful. I am extremely pleased with every procedure.


      M.Z., 40 years old, New York, Management

        • Originally I came to Dr. Kang’s office to get my eyelids and nose redone, since my last surgery at the other office failed. I am very happy with the results that Dr. Kang has done. After the surgery, I also get Botox done by him as well. I have gotten Botox somewhere else in the past, and my skin felt so fake and also looked fake. I really love how Dr. Kang makes it look and feel so natural. I will continue to get my Botox done by Dr. Kang and will definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you Dr. Kang and all the staffs.


      M.K. 27 years old, New York, Korea International Student

        • I am an international student from Korea. When I first came to New York, I had a hard time finding the right place to get a skin care and facial procedures. I was introduced by my friend to Dr. Kang for his natural looks. I came in for a consultation and I decided to get chin augmentation surgery from him. Since I was studying abroad and out of country, I was a little hesitant about the surgery, but he assured me there was going to be a fast recovery time. As promised, I recovered quickly and I was able to visit Koreas as planned. When I visited Korea only after a month, all my friends in Korea liked my subtle but improved new look. I enjoyed spending time with people with my new natural look.


      G.A., 48 years old, New York, Housewife

        • When I had my first consultation with Dr. Kang for mid-face lifting, I built strong faith in him. Unlike other doctors who offered me unnecessary procedures, Dr. Kang only recommended procedures that suit me the best, considering my face structure. I also really loved how Dr. Kang emphasized on natural looks. The recovery period was quick and the outcome came out fantastic. It was so natural that I couldn’t even believe with my own eyes. I highly recommend Dr. Kang to others.


      A.C., 42 years old, Restaurant Manager

        • I am a 42 year old Indonesian woman who had a lower  eye surgery and SmartLipo with Dr. Kang. I did the lower eye surgery with Dr. Kang last year and was so happy with the results.  Another thing that bothered me was my arms. I had put on a lot of weight after having a baby and I couldn’t even wear short sleeved shirts outside anymore. I felt very self-conscious and I wore long sleeved shirts even in the summer. All my friends told me that the only solution was to get an invasive surgery where they would have to make an incision from the elbow to the shoulder. Dr. Kang showed me that there was a better option- the SmartLipo procedure. The SmartLipo procedure made tiny incisions that could be easily covered and he used only local anesthesia. During the procedure, I was very frightened but Dr. Kang was so calm that I became comfortable and stopped worrying. The recovery time was relatively easy and he had me come in for follow up appointments every two weeks to keep checking up on me and making sure that I was okay. Overall I felt very reassured and comfortable with Dr. Kang.


      Q.M., 43 years old

        • I had a SmartLipo procedure on my stomach and back area. The results were exactly what I was looking for. My friend had a liposuction surgery at a different office and when we compare our stomachs, mine looks much better than hers. The staff helped me to talk to the doctor by translating from Chinese to English and helped me to understand everything before and during the procedure.


      C.P., 29 years old

        • The doctor and service were very nice and helpful. The finished outcome was very natural and to my satisfaction. I trust Dr. Kang so much that I recommended my mother to do her surgery with him too.


      E.L., 26 years old

        • I came to get my nose and eyes jobs done. I felt very comfortable here. (Of course I was nervous when I was getting surgery at first). After I recovered, my nose and eyes are so beautiful like I was born this way. I appreciate that Dr. John gave me new life. He made me more confident. Thank you so much Dr. John.


      L.D., 24 years old, Student

        • Dr. Kang is awesome! He is very honest and he is very good at what he is doing. I have been coming to him for the past two years and I have always enjoyed the experience and love the results. He is great and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.


      J.L., 22 years old, Student

        • I’ve been wanting my double eye lid procedure for a very long time now and I’m glad to have found this doctor to do the procedure/surgery just the way I wanted. The staff was very kind and helpful to any questions I had. I am very pleased with the outcome and will recommend him to my friends.


      M.J., 38 years old

        • I really like my results after my surgery. I was so happy that I told all my friends to come see Dr. Kang. When I brought my friends and they did some procedures, they also were so happy and liked the office very much.


      N.H., 25 years old,

        • I had the upper eyelid surgery done because my right eyelid was weak and it kept looking as though I didn’t have the crease. I worked with Dr. Kang for 8 months and I learned many things from assisting Dr. Kang with surgery patients. I was able to see how meticulously he worked on every individual. He always makes the results very natural and matching with each patient’s own face. Immediately after surgery I went out of state and wasn’t able to come for my 3 day follow up but the nurse and doctor called me everyday to continue checking on my status after reviewing the pictures I sent to them through text messaging. It has been about 1 week since I’ve had my surgery and I am 100% satisfied with my results and I feel as though I have much more confidence than ever before!! Dr. Kang, thank you for making me prettier! I will be back next time to do more!


      Y.Y., 52 years old,

        • I had a midface lift, lower eye  and nose surgery. I thought there would be scarring on my eyelid and I was worried there would be problems with my nose but Dr. Kang continued to follow up many times to make sure I heal correctly. Overall, I’m satisfied.


      H.L., 67 years old,

        • I had a stomach smartlipo done by Dr. Kang and the results were astonishing. At the beginning I was reluctant and scared to do the procedure but now I am happy with the outcome. I’m glad I decided to go through with it.


      S.H., 24 years old,

        • I was a very self-conscious person and not confident about my nose since my early teens. As I grew older. I figured out that surgery was the only way I can get out of satirizing. But the biggest task was looking for the right doctor. After a lengthy and comprehensive search, I found Dr. Kang to be the definitive expert in facial surgery. Thank God! It turned out that I made the completely right decision. He took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions during our first consultation. And then I can tell he is such a positive and confident doctor. He clearly explained and offered a practical solution to what I was most confused and worried about. Dr. Kang reassured me of the risks and provided me a realistic expectation of my final appearance of surgery.  On the day of surgery, I was made to feel very comfortable and breathe freely. Fortunately, it only took me two weeks for swelling and bruising to fade. Since then, Dr. Kang’s kind assistants scheduled a number of follow up appointments, monitoring my recovery. Dr. Kang has managed to drastically improve both the appearance and functionality of my nose. Finally, I have a confident outlook towards my appearance. Thank you Dr. Kang for your incredible gift. I’m forever grateful for your help.


      C.R., 51 years old, Retired

        • I had the upper eyelid sugery done two times before coming to Dr. Kang. Both times was a failure because I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted for my eyes. My daughter had the upper eyelid surgery done by Dr. Kang and it came out so wonderfully that I knew that I also wanted to have mine fixed by him. He fixed my eyelids by performing my third surgery very meticulously. Right now I am so happy to have finally gotten the results I wanted. I trust Dr. Kang 100% and will definitely send my friends to him for all cosmetic surgeries.


      I.S., 45 years old

        • I have been a patient of Dr. Kang’s for many, many years. I had a nose surgery, mid face lift, fat transfer, and Botox injections spread out over the years. My nose results are very natural and nobody suspects that I ever had it done. Recently, I had the mid face lift and a fat transfer surgery, where the doctor took fat from my body and put it into my face to fill out my wrinkles and make me look younger. I also had a midface lift where he lifted up all my loose skin from my face. It really took years off of my face without looking unnatural or fake. I am very happy with my surgeries.


      N.H., 20 years old, Student

        • I first came to Dr. Kang’s office when I was 16. I had a double eyelid surgery and a nose job. It was a very fast, amazing and life changing surgery. I am now 20 and I still am very happy with the results. Everything looks very natural! I felt like he really brought out my inner beauty and brought my best face forward. I trust Dr. Kang and his judgement, thank you for everything!


      X.X., 20 yrs old, New York, Student

        • I wanted double eyelids ever since I was little so my mom brought me to Dr. Kang. We had a consultation and the first time talking with, I already knew that he knew what he was talking about. After the consultation I already felt like I can trust him into deciding what was best for me. My whole experience was great. All of Dr. Kang’s staffs were so nice. During the surgery, I thought that I would freak out but the nurse was really comforting. I really like that he gave weekly check-ups to make sure everything was okay. Everything was professional and they would call me to confirm my appointments in case you forgot. I really like the final results of my double eyelid surgery and I’ve gotten compliments from the people around me. I definitely recommend Dr. Kang.


      E.T., 37 yrs old, New York

        • I have always wanted to have an upper eyelids surgery and finally convinced myself to get it done. After doing research of many websites, I decided to go to Dr. Kang’s office to have consultation. The staff members are all very friendly and professional. I had consultation with Dr. Kang and he was very patient and listened to my concerns and thoroughly explained the procedure to me. He also was realistic about what to expect and gave a lot of great advices. I am very satisfied with the result and my eyes never look better! Thank you Dr. Kang.


      J.P., 28 yrs old, New York

        • Dr. Kang and the staff at his office are all really friendly and knowledgeable. He makes honest recommendations and the results were great! The friendliness of the employees made the process so much easier! Thank you!


      Y.L., 21 yrs old, New York, Student

        • I found Dr. Kang’s office by the newspaper. Dr. Kang and the staffs are very professional and very honest with their opinions. Dr. Kang has a rich experience and the staffs are very friendly. The aftercare I received was very thoughtful and caring. I am very satisfied with the double eyelids. Of course, it is still a little sore. Overall clinic style is very beautiful and reassuring than other professional clinical offices.


      C.B., 26 yrs. old, Long Island, Beauty Industry

        • I originally had a chin implant by a local plastic surgeon near home. Somehow I wasn’t satisfied with the profile, so I decided to see another plastic surgeon. I have a friend who had a nose augmentation by Dr. Kang and I liked how it came out on her. When I met Dr. Kang for a consultation, he told me the chin implant made my lower face look too strong and advised my chin implant to be removed. I took his advice and took the chin implant out, and then had my nose job from Dr. Kang. I’m now very happy with my profile. Especially working in a beauty industry, I’m now very confident when meeting new clients. Thanks to Dr.John Kang, he changed my life and he’s such a talented and honest plastic surgeon with great imagination.


      N.L., 59 years old, New York

        • Having turned 59 years old, I realized that I lost myself during the busy schedule between family and work. In the past, I seldom looked at myself in the mirror. I have been taking advantage of my youth for so long. Things changed over time and my youth slowly diminished from age and neglect. I missed my old younger self so much. I went to Dr. Kang for a facelift and double eyelid surgeries, both of which were successful. After recovering, I found myself looking prettier. The double eyelid surgery was done so naturally, I look more radiant and glow every day thanks to Dr. Kang’s magic hands. Since the surgeries I have picked up where I left off, and am living everyday with joy and appreciation.


      M.K., 39 years old, New Hampshire

        • I am from New Hampshire. Had double eyelid surgery and pouch operation and the results are great. Dr. Kang and the assistants were great also. Good services and excellent follow-up. Will recommend more friends and relatives to come here. Thanks Dr. Kang and the staff!


      R.J., 59 years old, New York

        • I am a businessman who has been doing import and export business of general merchandise for over 20 years. I enjoyed my life and career, but there was always something bothering me. Ever since I was born I had a mole on my nose, and it grows and grows. It became so obvious, standing at the lower center part of my nose with dark brown/yellow color. This really bothered me when I met with business associates. It took a certain amount of my confidence away! I was so glad that I met Dr. Kang, who gave me a very professional consultation and later removed my mole with his excellent team. Now I am extremely happy with the result. It’s completely gone! And my nose looks like there wasn’t any kind of mole or even dark spot on it before. All my friends, family members, and even business associates are completely surprised by this brilliant result. Thank you Dr. Kang! You’ve restored my confidence!


      G.L., 27 years old, New York

        • I had double eyelid surgery done with Dr. Kang. Dr. Kang treats surgery as a form of art. He really takes the time to listen to my concerns and figures out the best crease shape for my eye shape. I’m so happy with the results! My new eyes look very natural. My mother is so impressed with the results that she’s also planning for Dr. Kang to do her facelift and eye surgery.


      Y.J., 39 years old, New York

        • I was somewhere else before to have plastic surgery done, but it was not ideal. Dr. Kang is very good performed a revision nose and chin surgery, which improved my years of difficulties with my face. I am very satisfied with the current natural face. The hospital staff is also very thoughtful and very warm. I think he is the best doctor in New York.


      M.Z., 22 years old, Pennsylvania

        • I was introduced by my great aunt. I got rhinoplasty a year ago at Dr. Kang’s office. The results were very natural. Everyone is very friendly and kind. The office is very well organized and clean.


      J.C., 61 years old, New York

        • I am over 61 years old Chinese person. Dr. Kang is skilled in doing Thermage. Thermage was effective immediately after the treatment and my skin looked brighter and younger. Dr. Kang also used filler to give my face a plumper, more youthful appearance. Dr. Kang is very careful and serious. He is a rare and talented doctor.


      B.Y., 53 years old, New York

        • I have been Dr. Kang’s patient for over 5 years. As a professional singer, I always want to look my very best for my audiences. With Dr. Kang’s continuous help, I can build my confidence before any big event. I truly believe he is an artist who believes in natural beauty. Whenever I received non-surgical procedures such as Thermage, fillers, and Botox I could always build up my confidence level without changing my whole look. Although I am almost 55 years old, my colleagues and fans would compliment me on my youthful appearance, all thanks to Dr. Kang. I will continue to see Dr. Kang and I highly recommend him for his dedication, professionalism, and subtle but amazing sense of artistry.


      P.M., 54 years old, New York

        • I work as a mail carrier and know Dr. Kang as he is on my delivery route. Several months ago I tripped and fell while I was working. My upper lip was completely split. Luckily I was near Dr. Kang’s office at the time. Dr. Kang was busy with several patients when I arrived, but once he assessed my lip he was kind enough to squeeze me in and see me right away. Dr. Kang continued to help me while I was recovering. Whenever I came in to deliver his mail, his staff would alert the doctor and he would take the time between patients to see me before I had to leave again for work. I am so grateful for Dr. Kang’s help and recommend him to all my friends and customers. Dr. Kang is a very reliable and efficient doctor with friendly staff members who always made me feel welcome. With his expert help, my wound healed quickly and without any setbacks. Thank you Dr. Kang!