A successful rhinoplasty results in a more balanced and refined nose which is aesthetically more pleasing to look at. In doing so, it brings about more harmony to the overall facial proportions, and enhances the natural beauty of the entire face. A well balanced nose should provide a nice flow from the upper third of the face to the lower third, both on frontal and lateral profile. For optimal improvement of the overall facial profile and balance, patient should be carefully evaluated at the time of consultation whether a chin implant would be beneficial or not. Some patients may require more reconstructive surgery to repair a nose with C-shaped or twisted appearing nose, or a saddle nose deformity. Some may require a corrective surgery at the same time to allow better nasal breathing passages. For male patients, the surgery is never “over-done” and masculine features are maintained.


In many Caucasian patients, the nasal reshaping is considered to be a “reduction” surgery where there is an overall reduction in size of the bony and cartilage pyramid, which makes up the nasal dorsum. The tip of the nose is gently re-structured to appear more refined. Some may just need a subtle reduction of the dorsal hump or a subtle refinement of the nasal tip.


In most Asian patients, “augmentation” surgery is required where an alloplastic implant is used to raise the entire length of the nasal dorsum. The nasion (starting point of the nose) is also raised to allow a more smooth vertical flow from the medial aspect of the brow down to dorsum of the nose. In addition, the tip is lifted and refined by use of cartilage graft, usually harvested from the ear (conchal cartilage) or from inside the nose (septal cartilage). Please refer to Asian Rhinoplasty for further information.


There are two approaches to performing a rhinoplasty. “Endonasal” approach is through an incision hidden inside the nose. “Open rhinoplasty” approach is through a v-shaped incision made in the columella skin between the nostrils. The degree of reshaping and refining is ultimately based on a comprehensive discussion between the patient and Dr. Kang at the time of consultation. Dr. Kang will then advise as to the best approach as well as the best combination of techniques to achieve the most natural and balanced appearing nose.