Chin/Cheek Implants

Chin implant surgery is probably the most understated procedure considering how versatile it is in the facial plastic arena. It plays such an important role in improving the overall facial harmony and proportion; that, quite often a successful chin augmentation surgery will result in flattering other parts of the face more than the chin itself. Based on the placement of the chin implant, the lower 1/3 of the face can be inferiorly lengthened, providing greater balance and harmony to the overall facial appearance; the anterior projection of chin can be enhanced, thereby diminishing the dominant nose or the protuberant lips on lateral profile. In male patient, a well-defined chin helps to restore the feminizing overtone of a ‘weak” chin. In both genders with weak chins, as aging takes place, the neck/jaw angle will appear more obtuse, and chin enhancement can significantly improve their neck/jaw angle and provide the illusion of a longer neck, especially when combined with lipo-sculpturing of the neck during liposuction or neck lift procedure.


During the consultation for chin enhancement, based on careful analysis, Dr. Kang may recommend combining the surgery with rhinoplasty or neck liposuction or neck lift. Based on your need, a traditional chin implant or extended anatomical chin implant will be recommended. Dr. Kang prefers to insert the implant using an external approach by utilizing a natural crease underneath your chin. The scar heals very well and in his experience, the external approach minimizes any chance of the implant getting infected or riding up too superiorly as is sometimes the case when the implant is placed through a pocket intra-orally. The recovery time is usually no more than a week, with minimal residual swelling thereafter which resolves within a few weeks.