Nose Job

For some patients, especially those who need just a slight augmentation of their nasal dorsum, dermal filler will provide a very nice nasal augmentation in a matter of minutes. For those with slight hump, filling the flat spot or the debit just above the hump will make the hump disappear instantly, as well as providing overall volume enhancement to the nasal bridge. For patients who have “heavy” or “tension” appearance in the bottom half of their nose, idea of making their nose any “bigger” is almost a scary concept, but finesseful volume enhancement to the top of their nose will magically make their bottom half less heavy or tense by creating more harmony and proportionally more pleasing nasal profile. Volume enhancement of the lower part of nose and the tip requires careful candidate selection, but can yield a rewarding result for the right candidate. At the time of consultation, Dr. Kang will advise you whether you are a good candidate for “non-surgical” nasal augmentation, and the degree of enhancement that can be achieved. He will advise you as to the best dermal filler for your needs, which is either Juvederm or Radiesse or sometimes a combination of both to yield most lasting, natural looking result. There is almost no downtime with usually only temporary swelling and rarely bruising or transient redness to the injected site, to a point where most patients are usually able to go back to work on the same day or following day. This is a great procedure for patients of Asian descent who have always wanted to volume enhance or augment their nose but concerned about undergoing surgery or with permanent surgical changes. Very often they are so pleased with their improved look, that when the dermal filler depletes in 8 to 10 months, they often proceed to a formal augmentation rhinoplasty with Dr. Kang.