JK Weekend Total Makeover

There are many patients who wish to address all three areas of the aging process, which is the sagging of their forehead, face and neck; deflation of the facial volume; and aging changes of their skin. However due to time constraint, many simply don’t have the time in their busy schedule for a major “surgical” make-over. For these patients Dr. Kang offers a package of “non-surgical” procedures to address all their aging problems, all on the same day.


  1. First they undergo a Thermage procedure to “tighten and lift” their sagging skin, better contour the sagging jawline and soften their smile and marionette lines. The heat passing through the skin almost always seems to improve the tone and texture of the skin as well.
  2. Following Thermage, they undergo “volume restoration” of their face in the cheeks, jaw line and lower eyelid area to provide a more youthful facial shape using dermal fillers, Juvederm or Radiesse.
  3. Then they undergo Botox to the frown lines in between the eyebrows, crow’s feet in the outer eye area and worry lines in the forehead area. Dermal fillers may also be used to further soften the wrinkle lines. The reduction in wrinkles will make them look younger and less tired looking; finally the Botox to the above locations will provide a non-surgical brow lift, which will lessen their upper eyelid hooding and make their eyes appear more open and more vibrant looking.


All this can be done in matter of hours and many patients can go back to work the following day with minimal swelling and most of the times, no bruising. This is a great package for practically everyone between ages of 40 to 60 who wishes to look their very best and appear well rested without any downtime. This package is especially ideal for patients visiting from outer town, who often come to see Dr. Kang for some rejuvenation procedure while here, but can only stay a few days. For more information, please contact Dr. Kang’s office for comprehensive consultation.