Chin and Jaw Enhancement

Chin enhancement using dermal filler, in matter of minutes, can improve the overall facial harmony and proportions. Quite often, following a successful chin enhancement, the slightly prominent nose you always had will appear smaller in size, and the weak chin will appear more in balance with the rest of the face. There is almost no down-time and the mild temporary swelling usually adds to the initial dramatic change, which can be obtained permanently through a formal chin augmentation surgery at a later time. In some patients with significant asymmetry of the jaw bones, the smaller side can be more volume enhanced to achieve closer symmetry.


In some patients with significant widening of jaw, Dr. Kang will recommend Botox to the thick chewing muscle to narrow the widened profile of the jaw angle. Finally in patients with “pointy” chin with denting- in of either side of the chin, Dr. Kang will recommend volume enhancement of the “dented-in” area to provide a smoother pleasant curvature to where the jaw meets the chin. At the time of consultation, Dr. Kang will advise you as to the best way to enhance your chin and jaw area as naturally as possible using Juvederm, Radiesse, or combination of both.