Lumi-Lift Light Therapy

Soli-Tone is a multiplatform technology device which provides photo-rejuvenation procedure that combines the effects of Light energy, Micronized currents, and HF Polarized currents to produce skin rejuvenation that is safe, comfortable, and effective.


During treatment, two specifically designed lifting electrodes, each with forty (40) powerful Extreme Super-Luminous LEDS (ESLD) pulsate Light energy at a wavelength of 640 nanometers and use high power density to stimulate light absorbing photo-receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response. Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the fibroblast cells’ functions and repair mechanisms. Unlike IPL and Lasers that rely on thermal injuries to prompt the skin to repair itself, ESLDs are non-invasive, pure, polarized narrow band frequencies that are safer than natural sunlight because there are no harmful UV rays.


While ESLDs are at work, the Soli-Tone transmits Micronized currents through the lifting electrodes, harmonizing with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body. During the last part of the Lumi “Lift” treatment, HF Polarized currents are applied by two smoothing electrodes. The esthetician uses a gentle, ironing motion to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Soli-tones’s computerized setting delivers the best parameters every time and is pre-programmed for Face, Eyes, Chest, and Hands.