Medi Spa

“FACES” Medical Skin Clinic caters to those individuals wishing to maintain optimum health to their skin as well as those with various “difficult to treat” skin conditions. “FACES” uses as its foundation, a good facial skin care regimen both with our Esthetician and at home. In addition “Faces” utilizes various physician performed advanced technology devices including Sciton ablative and nonablative laser, Frexel laser, IPL, and Thermage, which in turn utilizes pre and post laser facial treatment by our Esthetician for optimal outcome.


Some of the difficult to treat skin conditions include patients with hyper-pigmentation, acne, rosacea, as well as those patients with significant aging and sun-damage changes. These patients will be carefully evaluated by the ”FACES” team of Dr. Kang, the Esthetician, and Nurse Coordinator and will be recommended the best individualized package which include a series of skin care sessions with the Esthetician followed by laser treatment package with Dr. Kang. The Nurse Coordinator will oversee the complete care of the patient throughout the entire process. Because of our location and years of experience working with patients of Asian-American heritage, we have amassed great deal of “know-how” in dealing with the difficulty to treat situations rather unique to patient of Asian descent. If you feel that you fall into this category, please contact us for comprehensive consultation with our “FACES” team.


In many situations where laser therapy is not needed, patient will be recommended a facial package alone, or in combination with our popular esthetician line photo-rejuvenation LumiLift and Lumifacial procedures that combine Pure spectrum Light energy, Micronized currents, and HF Polarized currents to produce skin rejuvenation that is safe, comfortable, and effective. Finally, as we get to know your skin better, we will offer a series of “no down-time” esthetician line chemical peels which best meet your needs. We have listed below some of the most common facial packages by our Esthetician at the “FACES” Medical Skin Clinic.