Laser for Moles and Spots

These are sometimes the trickiest to treat. At the time of consultation, Dr.Kang will carefully assess the patient’s skin, and discuss with the patient, the pros and cons of removing the spot from a cosmetic and aesthetic point of view. Quite often on a younger skin with perfect complexion, if the brown or black spot is not too obvious, he will discourage the patients from removing the spot just for the sake of removing it, unless it is growing. This is because too often, patients come to see Dr. Kang after spot removal done somewhere else, which has converted the spot into incomplete or darker pigmentation issues or even worse, into a sunken “white” scar. On middle aged and older patients, the brown spots are usually from sun damage and aging process and relatively easier to remove.


Whether young or old, once Dr. Kang recommends removal of the spot, he will choose from various methods including spot treatment using various laser systems or micro-surgical technique using fine scissors, to create as minimal thermal damage as possible to allow quickest healing possible. Dr. Kang and Staff will closely follow the patients and apply special wound healing techniques for optimal healing. In tough pigmentary problems, such as melasma, especially around the eye complex, he may recommend using light IPL, Frexel, or in-office/home peel system to yield the most improvement with as minimal side effects as possible.