Everything mentioned in the 30’s can be applied during this decade. However, the goal is to enjoy the maturity which comes with aging but retain one’s natural youthful beauty through this decade. The skin care regimen should now be a little more intensified. Almost everyone will benefit from Fraxel and Thermage during this decade, as well as Botox and Fillers. But in everyone’s mind during consultation is a concern for “gravitational” effects on the face. Depending on the patient’s needs, this pervasive aging change can be addressed in many different ways. For those who simply can’t afford any downtime, “liquid lift” can be performed, very often in conjunction with Thermage lift. For a patient who is more surgically willing but only has a week or less of recovery time, “Minimal Incision” lift surgery is recommended, often combined with Thermage or Smart Lipo laser-assisted tightening of the face and neck. For patients usually in their late 40’s who have at least two weeks to recover and already show significant jowling and sagging of the jaw line, “Full Incision” face and neck lift can be performed.


In addition, if not already done, most patients during this decade will also benefit from upper and lower eyelid surgery. When performing upper eyelid surgery, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of maintaining an optimal aesthetic balance between the brow and upper eyelid as well as not hollowing out the upper eyelid sulcus. In our practice, many revision surgeries of eyelid and nose initially done elsewhere are performed during this decade to optimize the overall appearance. Laser-assisted body contouring, especially of the waistline, bra line, and heaviness of the back of the upper arm, is very popular during this decade. Very often, many patients who present to our office early during this decade can enjoy looking mature and yet “naturally” youthful, unique to this decade of their lives. Some would even attest to looking “younger as they get older” as they approach the next decade of their lives.

He’s a true artist. He knows how to create natural beauty. It’s so subtle that you can’t tell an actual procedure has been done! He’s a genius!

– D. Farrell