Everything mentioned in the 20’s can be applied during this decade. The skin care regimen should be more intensified, with consideration for various different types of non-ablative laser therapy for optimal skin maintenance with minimal to no downtime. While half of the patients in this decade seem to enjoy similar youthful looks to patients in their 20’s, the other half begin to show signs of “aging.” Usually one of the first signs of aging is the “puffy bag” underneath the eyes. This can start as early as the early 30’s (rarely late 20’s for some) and will eventually appear on most everyone by the late 30’s to mid 40’s. This “puffy bag” appearance is always worsened with stress, fatigue, and poor sleep, but foremost simply represents one of the first aging signs. There is a simple surgical remedy which usually involves no visible incision or scars. Very often, if a puffy bag is the only aging change, this surgery can transform a 30-something patient into appearing more like someone in their late 20’s, and, as long as no other aging signs appear, these patients can enjoy looking like they’re in their late 20’s as they slide into the fourth decade of their life. In addition, Botox and Fillers should be considered for early signs of wrinkles and grooves as well as to achieve optimal harmony and proportions of the face. For those patients experiencing early facial volume loss, Fillers and Lipo-transfer should be considered. Very often, Lipo-transfer can be considered at the same time laser-assisted body sculpting is being performed using the Smartlipo Triplix laser.

I was worried that I would look like an entirely different person, but my face just looks like it did a few years years ago! YOUNGER, HEALTHIER, and TIGHTER all around.

– L. Huang