Patients in their 20’s should ensure that their skin is beaming with fresh youthfulness. This can be done in various ways and very often with minimal commitment and cost. The bigger commitment is the desire to achieve optimal facial proportion and harmony through nasal and chin surgery. However, in the case of chin augmentation and nasal augmentation, the patient can initially opt for a filler placement, which will “temporarily” provide 80 to 90% of surgical appearance, encouraging patients to proceed to the “permanent” surgical option. For the patient with a wide, square jaw, Botox can be used to reduce the size of the jaw muscles, creating a more ideal proportion of the face. Also, a very natural surgical outcome can be achieved for patients of Asian descent who desire to “wake up” their eyes through creation of double eyelids. Finally, patients with significant disproportionate fat in the hip/waist/outer and inner thigh which can never truly go away no matter how much they exercise, can consider optimal body contour with the use of Smartlipo Triplix laser-assisted body sculpting surgery.

People tell me they can’t exactly pinpoint it but something about me looks different. They tell me I look very beautiful, but they’re not sure why. It’s that natural!

– A. Galante